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Hennas87 – Passed
Started learning with Mark at age 27 having never driven a car before and passed first time after a few months.  Always very patient and encouraging. Helped me get very prepared for my test and only got 3 minors.  Highly recommended for the driving and is good for an interesting chat as well.  Cheers Mark

Hannah Yates – Passed
I passed my test today, and can’t recommend Mark more as an instructor. He will help you get there no matter what, and is very reassuring and patient if you are nervous on the road like me. Success!

Jim Burton – Passed
Highly recommended. Mark is always calm and encouraging, and he explains things like manoeuvres in a fool-proof way. His experience in getting people through the test shows. Reliable, on time and the lessons are good value for money. All the reviews here say the same thing, and that’s because Mark is a great instructor!

D.H.C. CHUANG  2014 – Passed
Passed first time at age 36. I had zero driving experience before my first lesson and was fairly nervous but Mark’s friendly and professional approach put me straight at ease. He is a great instructor: clear, patient, experienced, reassuring, reliable and always on time. He is also a nice and funny guy and I’ve enjoyed my lessons with him.

Andrea Monteiro – Passed 
Mark is an absolutely brilliant instructor! Always patient, calm and able to provide clear instructions and guidance, and more more importantly really helped me build up my confidence. I am 33 and passed first time - I could’t be happier! I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.

Jules T  – Passed
Thanks! Passed my test first time last week. Mark is a very experienced and patient instructor who quickly built up my confidence on the road. What made it different from other instructors was the fact that I always looked forward to my lessons and had some fun while learning to drive which made me feel more relaxed. He was always on time and genuinely keen to teach you how to drive well. I wont forget the great driving experiences. Thanks again and see you around town! Jules

Braden Dawes – Passed
Mark is an excellent instructor and can tell he is very experienced, he was always on time and never cancelled a lesson on me. Very understanding and patient and only wants whats best for the learner. I passed first time and can only thank Mark for this. I highly recommend Mark to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive.

Egbert Plugge – Passed
Mark is an excellent instructor - extremely patient and relaxed, whereas some other instructors in the past had been the opposite, to the point of putting me off driving entirely. He really taught me to drive, rather than just pass the test (which I did do at the first attempt with him). Would recommend him to anyone - Mark, if you’re reading this, thanks again!

Charlie Stubbs – Passed
I had previously heard about Mark through one of my friends who had recently passed with him at the time. He is a brilliant instructor and a really nice and funny guy, he was always understanding and supportive the whole time that he taught me to drive (also I had never driven before he taught me). I would always look forward to driving every week as he was always on time and we always had a good laugh. I passed my test today (11/10/13) and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher! Thanks again Mark!

Steve Brighton – Passed
At the age of 28 I finally passed my driving license at the first time of asking due to Mark’s great teaching.  Mark was extremely reliable and never turned up late or cancelled on any of my lessons. He is very calm and helps you to relax whilst driving, as well as having a few funnies up his sleeve too. I would recommend Streets Ahead Driving School to anyone over any other driving school I’ve ever used in Brighton

I passed my test in April with Mark as my instructor, and all I can say is he’s a brilliant teacher. He was always really patient, never shouted at me or made me feel uncomfortable, and there were probably a few hair raising moments for him!! He was never late and never cancelled a lesson, he even turned up once a couple of days early! 😉 I wasn’t the most confident of learners but Mark always did his best to put me at ease, always telling me ‘”you can do this Sue” And he was right! I could! I couldn’t recommend Mark any higher….excellent instructor and a really nice bloke!

Passed my test this week with Mark, thankyou! Had some refresher lessons with Mark after driving abroad for a number of years and passed first time earlier this week. Mark is positive and patient and I would definitely recommend him as an instructor. Thanks Again!

Mark is a patient, easy going, knowledgeable and very funny driving instructor who I highly recommend. He immediately put me at my ease where previous instructors had put me on edge (and put me off driving altogether). He is always full of handy tips and techniques (and many an anecdote!). We spent a lot of time getting to know the test routes and his endless patience with my ‘silly moments’ was much appreciated. I passed today, thanks to Mark and shall be going back to him for my Pass Plus! Thanks again Mark!

I passed my practical test today! My lessons with Mark were always very informative and relaxed. I get a lot of work to do with exams and coursework for university and yet Mark has really helped me get into the right zone for driving. He is a very good driving instructor and one which I won’t hesitate to recommend to anyone!

I passed my test first time on the 21st of November with Carol, who is a great instructor. She makes sure you know everything you need for the test and is very reassuring to learn to drive with. I felt confident when I took my test and the result speaks for itself.

I had failed my test with a previous instructor and then taken a 3 year break from driving when Carol took me on! She managed to iron out all my bad habits and get me back up to test standard very quickly and I ended up passing my test on my then 2nd attempt. Carol has a lovely sense of humor and great personality, my driving lessons were never dull or a chore with her. Would recommend to anyone! Thanks again Carol!

Mark built my confidence up hugely and put up with my tantrums! He’s very patient and has the right balance of teaching you to actually drive and teaching you how to pass the test. Would definitely recommend.

Rhiannon Passed first time with Carol !!! – Passed 
With only 2 minors! Carol was an amazing instructor: I always felt safe and really enjoyed my lessons with her - she’s lovely! I’d heard so many stories about dodgy instructors and tests, and I assure you THIS WON’T HAPPEN WITH CAROL. She was always reliable, friendly and professional - to be honest, you’d be stupid not to take your lessons with her!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Strategy Passed Yesterday for the First Time – Passed
I couldn’t of done it with out all the help Mark gave me! As i had 3 previous instructors from different places, My lessons with Mark was the best!… He always made me feel comfortable even when i made mistakes. His method of teaching worked perfect for me and he is generally a really humble, down to earth guy that knows what he’s taking about! He was always on time and never cancelled a lesson. I would always get the fullest out of my lessons…I would recommend Streets Ahead to everyone!. Thank you so much mate 😉

Alice Passed Passed my driving test today – Passed
Thanks to you mark! I was very nervous and my first driving instructor kept me in the same area. Mark took me out and helped me with my nerves. I would recommend mark to anyone he’s the reason I have passed and I can’t thank him enough! Alice.

Adian Passed first time with Mark – Passed
Passed first time with Mark! Great instructor, helped me grow into a confident driver. Great sense of humour and a very patient teacher which allowed me to relax and enjoy my learning experience. Mark was always reliable and flexible with my lessons which was important for me. I highly recomend Streets Ahead to anyone!

Steph – Passed
I have just passed my driving test first time with 2 minors with Carol. I would definately recommend Carol to anyone, she is a fantastic instructor and was incredibly patient with me as I was quite a hesitent driver to begin with. I never thought I would be able to be a confident driver but with Carols reassurance and encouragement I really progressed. Carol was always on time for every lesson and was really flexible around my college hours. I always felt relaxed in the car and have begun to really enjoy drving. I couldn’t have done it without her thank you so much and i’ll really miss our weekly chats!!! Thanks again.

Claire – Passed
I passed my driving test yesterday!! I still can’t believe it, learning to drive was something that I put off until my 30’s and to be honest I never thought I could do it. When Mark first started teaching me I was quite nervous but he was always encouraging and easy to get on with which made it so much easier, in fact from start to finish we really had a good laugh! Mark was always on time and never once cancelled a lesson which was great for me as I struggled to squeeze in time for lessons due to other commitments such as work and children. I would recommend Mark as an instructor to anyone thinking of starting to learn to drive, his prices are reasonable, he is a great teacher and in the long run its one of the best things I have ever done!! Thanks again Mark, all the best-Claire.

Abell – Passed
I would happily recommend Mark for anyone looking for a driving instructor. He is calm, patient, flexible and easy to get along with. Teaching me, Mark was always very positive and reassuring, which increased my confidence when driving. Thank you.

Charley – Passed
I spent the last few months being instructed by Mark, though I didn’t get as far as taking my test as I moved out of Brighton. Despite me being terrified of learning to drive and convinced I couldn’t, Mark was always patient and reassuring, and made the lessons relaxed and far less scary than I was expecting. He was always on time, and flexible with my lesson schedule, and the pricing is good value for money. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor, especially if you’re nervous about starting.

Kirstin Papworth – Passed
Rating of 4.3 4.3 out of 5
Mark was an incredibly good driving instructor. I had previously had two other instructors, and Mark’s teaching was of a much better standard. He helped me to build up my confidence and experience on the road to pass my test. He is also a very likeable person, and I enjoyed my driving lessons with him.

Rupert Passed from Brighton – Passed
Mark helped me obtain my full license. His calm, clear, concise manner made learning a simple and enjoyable journey. I would whole heartedly recommend Streets Ahead Driving School services to all my friends and family. And would like to thank him for helping me pass.

Luke – Passed
I learned to drive with Mark from Streets Ahead. He is very knowlegable, friendly and has a great sense of humor. I had no previous experience before lessons and thanks to Mark’s approach i quickly gained confidence and experience. I had 2 lessons a week, the lessons were tailored to my individual needs and I passed on my first attempt. I strongly recommend Streets Ahead to anyone thinking of taking lessons.

Chris Mccarthy – Passed
I would like to say carol is a very good driving instructor,my two son’s the McCarthy’s had  carol as there instructor and they were very happy with her,She is very patient and very clear on giving advise and instruction’s.My eldest son passed first time at the age of 19 and my second son passed 2nd time at the age of 17,he was more nervouse than his older brother.They both said how lovely carol was and very patient.We have now passed carol’s number to a friend and he is now having lesson’s with carol.When the test centre moved to Burgess hill Carol took my son over there every week so that he got used to the roads at Burgess Hill.One of my son’s friends had his lesson’s in Brighton and just went for the driving test at Burgess hill, It took him three test to pass. We would highly recomend carol as a good driving instructure and i recomend anybody looking for someone to use to give carol a ring.We will definatly be passing carols name onto friends and in 2 years time our youngest son will be having lesson’s with her. Regards the McCarthys..

Samantha – Passed
Mark is a Great Driving Instructor, I had a really good time learning. Good Flexible Learning Hours to fit around work, he is a very calm and patient teacher, I couldn’t of Wished for a better Instructor.

Gareth Hart – Passed
Mark was patient and good tempered,he wont make you do anything you dont feel ready for.   He turned all my lessons into a laugh , which made things easier to learn. I recommend him.

Lisa Grinyer – Passed
I had 5 driving instructors before Mark at Streets Ahead Driving School and I felt his was a really good instructor very pateint with me and made me feel very confident and comfertable with driving unlike the other instructors!!

Paul – Passed
I would whole heartedly recommend Mark to anyone who is thinking of taking driving lessons.  I put off taking my driving test for over 20 years because i am dyslexic and thought i would never be able to pass especially so, when you had to pass a theory test as well. Mark got me through my theory test in a few weeks with the cd’s he gave me which were great as they had a voice over and made learning the questions easy as i did not have to read them. On the day of the driving test i was quite nervous but Mark managed to reasure me that i was ready after a previous mock test with him. When the day arrived I couldn’t believe it, i passed the driving test first time with only 1minor driving fault. I personally believe that if i hadn’t met Mark i would never have made it to the test and got my full driving licence, i cant thank him enough.

Dave Farrington – Passed
“I was what you might call a nervous learner, and had been trying to pass my test for a while, let’s just say I was just about moving into double figures. I was recommended by a friend to try with streets ahead driving school, and literally never looked back. Mark gave me driving lessons, and at the risk of ruining his streak of passes, he put me in for the driving test at Burgess Hill, Brighton, and I Passed!!! - Thanks Mark, greatly appreciated”

Rosabelle – Passed
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By rosabelle - Thank you Carol
Carol taught me to drive over the University summer holidays. Even when I forgot how to park several times she did not dispair and I passed my test in September, before returning to Uni. I am fairly incompetent in general, so all credit to Carol and Streets Ahead!

Nicholas – Passed
Fantastic Service, Great instructor !
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Nicholas
Mark was an excellent instructor and succeeded where others failed when I passed at my first attempt with him. Look no further if you are looking for a quality instructor! Mark always explains things clearly, never moans when you make mistakes and generally gives you confidence in your ability to drive. The car I learned in was a Peugeot 206 and it’s a great car to learn in. The visibility is excellent and the steering feels good which makes manoeuvres much easier! I previously had lessons in a Renault Cleo and it was an awful car to drive. All in all I was extremely happy with the service I received from Streets Ahead and I strongly recommend it to anyone!

Abdalla – Passed
Follow Mark’s instructions & PASS
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0
Being a foreginer driver from a third world country were wrong and fatal driving habits are common ,I DID NOT believe to pass on my first test. I followed Mark’s instructions carefully and passed after only 10 hours of learning. Thank you Mark

Christopher Laurie – Passed
The best driving instructor
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Christopher Laurie
I had a few driving instructors and Mark was by far the best. He’s very relaxed and easy to get on with. Driving didn’t come naturally to me but Mark’s patience and effective instruction allowed me to not only pass, but to pass with very few minors. The man can work miracles I tell you 🙂 Cheers Mark.

Very cool and best driving instructor – Passed
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By nardingptk
Mark was a brilliant instructor as i did passed my driving test on the first attemp with a very few minors, i think he is one of the best driving instructor, He’s easily to get on with and very cool.I strongly recommend street ahead driving school to anyone as i am extemely satisfied with the service i received….Thank you again Mark!!!!

Chris – Passed
Fantastic stuff!
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Chris
Just passed my driving test on the first attempt and would like to thank Carol for her wonderful work teaching me to drive! Lesson times were flexible to my available time and were all engaging and conducted in a well humoured and instructive manner. I not only passed my test but had a good time doing it too. I would recommend Carol and Streets Ahead to anyone. Thanks again Carol!

Superb! – Passed
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By wisnaeme
I asked Mark if i could have a 4 day, intense driving course in order to learn the basics of the road as fast as possible and it was a great experience. Mark was very calm, clear and consistant in his tutoring and methods during these lessons and gauged, correctly, which level of driving i should move onto every day. I strongly recommend Mark as a driving instructor as, even though i’ve not yet had enough lessons to take my test, i feel confident that i can do it first time. Cheers!?

Paul – Passed
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Paul
I passed my test this Saturday with Mark.. You couldn’t find a better person to help you. He not only teaches you how to pass your test, but teaches you how to drive naturally. I had lessons over 10 years ago, but never passed and gave up. I finally pulled my finger out and decided to have another go. I read reviews on Streets Ahead website i decided to give them a go. Mark is a great instructor and easy to get on with, he really really wants you to pass your test. I recall one of his other students had failed over something minor and you could tell he was really gutted. I passed with just 3 minors. He gives great instruction for your manoevres, giving easy reference points to use as guide. Don’t bother going for BSM or any of those, they don’t care, they just want your money. Again Mark, Thank you

Cheers Mark – Passed
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By maoam1988
I passed my test today and still feel estatic. I would like to thank Mark for all his help and for maintaining his belief in me; he is without doubt one of the best instructers that I have come across. He always takes a genuine interest in his learners and always aims to make sure that they’re feeling good and relaxed in his car. He has the qualities to variate his teaching methods in order to meet the needs of all his learners I would happily recommend Mark to any new learner…and on top of it the the prices are really good to.?

Carol – Passed
Thank you Carol. I passed my test on my first attempt thanks to Carol. Carol was very patient and friendly from the get go. I wasn’t a confident driver I can definatly say that my confidence in my driving increased thanks to Carol, she always believed in me. Carol was always reliable and punctual and willing to accommodate arranging my lessons around my unusual shift patterns. I could not have asked for a better teacher. Thank you so much Carol.

Tom – Passed
I have just passed first time with Mark. Mark is a fantastic instructor: clear, reassuring and friendly. He makes lessons both fun and relaxed, and is always happy to chat. He is also extremely flexible with lessons times and great value for money. Thanks Mark for all the help!

Donna – Passed
Thanks Mark! I can’t believe I actually having a driving licence! Driving hasn’t come at all easily to me, and was something I thought I could never do. When I first started I was absolutely terrified, but thanks to Mark’s ongoing encouragement, constant reassurance and sound, consistent instruction, I now feel completely confident to drive on my own. For anyone who really doubts that they can drive, I really can’t recommend Mark enough. He’s been constantly reliable, flexible and has always tried to put me at ease. Thanks Mark…I really do appreciate all your eternal patience and the fact that you never gave on me!

Linz – Passed
I passed!! A huge thank you to Carol, having had lessons and a couple of failed tests back in London nearly 10 years ago, it feels great to finally have my licence! I thought I was a nervous driver but it turns out im not- I just needed a good instructor and with that came good driving and amazing confidence! 😀 I would recommend Carol to anyone who is serious about passing their test, she has such a good understanding of driving and how it can affect you, really good tips for manoevres and is very flexible and fair when it comes to booking in lessons…. THANKS CAROL, I cant wait to get in the driving seat and if I see you I will be sure to toot!

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