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Brighton & Hove Driving Lessons

Take regular lessons, we suggest 2 lessons a week. We Have Both Male & Female Instructors to Help you.

If you take the 1 lesson a week approach, this may take you longer to learn to drive and pass your driving test as you may forget what you were taught from the week before, and this will probably take longer and cost more.

How long will it take :

The average learner usually takes somewhere between 30 - 45 hours depending on the learners aptitude and motivation , and if they have had past previous experience or how much practice they can get with family or friends as this can reduce the amount of lessons needed. The courses described below are only a guide as to what you may need based on previous experience.

The success of the pupil depends on the progress of the pupil and selecting the right course for you and your needs.

15 Hour Course Completed over 2-3 weeks

If you have already sat a driving test recently or are already at driving test standard then this course may suit you. It is designed to give you a short burst and fine tune your driving skills including all the reverse maneuvers.

25 Hour Course Completed over 3-5 weeks

This course is best suited if you have already been taught all the basic driving skills, including all the reverse manoeuvres and designed to build and improve on already learnt driving skills.

30 Hour Course Completed over 3-6 weeks

You may have had a few lessons in the and have been taught basic driving skills, This course is designed to improve on the basic skills you have and build on that. Learning all the driving skills, including all the reverse manoeuvres, needed to pass your driving test.

40 Hour courses Completed over 4-8 weeks

For those who have had no car experience, The course is designed to teach you all the driving skills you need to pass you driving test

All our driving courses includes confidence building as standard. If you are unsure what is the best course for you, why not book an assessment lesson.

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